Sales and Trading


Institutional Sales and Trading

Since 1999, Haywood has built an institutional team comprised of some of Canada’s top talent. Our focus and unparalleled sales and trading expertise have created a powerful national and international distribution capability that has led to a consistently high level of client satisfaction.

Even the best ideas can be worthless without effective research distribution and savvy trading. Our Institutional Trading and Sales Group specializes in both these areas and offers it's services to its extensive network of Canadian, U.S and European institutional investors. By combining in-depth research to identify promising emerging companies with well-timed trading strategies, Haywood provides clients with competitive performances in today’s global marketplace.

The Institutional Sales group handles its U.S. business through Haywood Securities (USA) Inc., which is a member of FINRA and SIPC.

Our Institutional Sales Team


Retail Sales and Trading

Haywood is able to offer the same unparalleled services to both its individual investors and its larger institutional clients. The Haywood team focuses on providing its clients with in-depth analysis of specific companies and industries, expert advice and experienced traders in order that each investor can realize his/her goals. Haywood's investment advisors put our research into context by offering timely advice suited to each client's goals.

Haywood serves the United States market through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Haywood Securities (USA) Inc., which is a member of FINRA and the SIPC.

Our Retail Sales Team