Portfolio Management Solutions


Gold Leaf MS Cover PageGold Leaf Managed Solutions 
The financial industry is a complex world in which the timing and quality of information is essential when making intelligent investment decisions.  Our Gold Leaf Managed Solutions program offers a carefully curated selection of Managed Equity Solutions, ETF Solutions, and Tailored Portfolio Services, that allow you the freedom to build on your entrepreneurial and capital market success.  Trusted industry-leading money managers put their knowledge and experience to work in turning your financial success into financial security - the true value of active investing.  That's why Haywood does not narrow its focus to a single investment philosophy.  We are bound by one mandate to serve all our clients in the most responsive and suitable manner by striving for excellence in everything we do.

Managed Equity Solutions
A portfolio of securities held directly by you and professionally managed by reputable money managers who might otherwise be accessible only to institutional investors.  An Advisor will work with you to select a Solution that best fits your objectives.

Managed ETF Solutions
Our four ETF Solutions seek to produce attractive, stable income and superior risk adjusted returns over a complete market cycle.  An Advisor will outline how we offer the flexibility to capitalize on - Diversified Fixed Income, Growth, Balanced, and Alternative Opportunities.

Tailored Portfolio Management 
Haywood proudly offers customized, client centric, multi-asset portfolios for individuals and their families, business owners, and like-minded entrepreneurs.  Our Portfolio Managers (PMs) provide unique and innovative discretionary traded investment strategies that aim to deliver enhanced risk-adjusted long-term returns.  Your portfolio will consist of securities that you own directly, constructed by your PM employing a strict buy and sell discipline that takes the emotion out of the decision-making process, stressing long-term capital growth and risk management.  Marrying current quantitative investment techniques and strong fundamental analysis allows our PMs to construct portfolios that weather volatility while providing realistic growth potential.

Our Portfolio Managers develop bespoke strategies to meet their clients’ individual lifestyle needs. We are able to provide insurance and retirement planning solutions through our respected referral partners to provide holistic and comprehensive solutions for our clients.