Tony Migliarese 

Branch Manager, Portfolio Manager

T.Migliarese.jpg - web pageTony was born in Trail, BC and, as a young child, moved with his family to Calgary; he has lived here ever since.   While in his twenties, Tony met and married his wife, Traci.  Not only did Tony enjoy building his investment practice, he and Traci also enjoyed travelling the world, which they did considerably before being blessed with the birth of their twin daughters in 2009!  

For over 21 years in the financial services industry, Tony   has provided his clients with quality investment advice, while managing his clients’ investment portfolios through the use of various investment strategies, all tailored to each client’s individual wants, needs, and objectives. 

The mission of Tony’s practice is plain and simple: to help all his clients protect and grow their wealth, and to have his clients achieve their financial goals through his disciplined, time proven, and risk-appropriate approach to navigating the financial maze.   Additionally, Tony has helped numerous start-up and later-stage companies with initial and mezzanine financing.  

Tony’s credentials set him well apart from most investment professionals.  Not only has he earned his Canadian Investment Manager Certification and his Option and Derivative Supervisor designation, he is a Fellow of the Canadian Securities Institute.  Most recently, Tony earned his Portfolio Manager Designation, which allows him to manage investment portfolios discretionarily – a prodigious additional benefit for his busy clients. 

Licensed as a Registered Representative  in the USA, Tony is able to provide his investment advisory services to US-resident clients through the firm’s affiliate:  Haywood USA Inc.  

In addition to assisting his private clients, since Tony joined the firm in 2003, he also serves in the capacity of Branch Manager of Haywood Securities’ Calgary office.

Tony is very active in the local community and appropriately supportive of local charities.  Additionally, his Annual Golf Tournament for Charity has successfully raised over $500,000 for the Alberta Children’s Hospital Foundation.

Whenever Tony finds he can squeeze some free time into his busy time, he and his family enjoy spending that time in and around Calgary and at their vacation cottage in Invermere.

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Allison Rivas

Investment Advisor CFPA.Rivas.jpg - web page

 Allison joined Haywood in 2003 and has over 19 years of financial management experience.  Allison works as an Investment Associate with Tony Migliarese and assists in all areas of the business.   Allison implements investment strategies, assists with portfolio management and communicates with clients on all matters of their financial affairs.  Allison also maintains her Certified Financial Planner Designation and uses this to help clients with developing a financial plan.

Trained as a paralegal, she switched industries in 1998, first working in Investment Banking and later becoming a fully licensed Investment Advisor.  She has completed the Canadian Securities Course, Conduct & Practices Course, Professional Financial Planning I & II, as well as Derivative and Option Fundamentals course.  Allison is also licensed as an Assistant Representative to serve US clients through our affiliate Haywood USA Inc. 
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Racquelle L'Heureux

Sales Assistant                                                                                        
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