Special Situation Investments

We offer investment opportunities in some of today's most high-growth industries.  Working alongside Haywood's investment bankers, we offer exclusive venture opportunities in the form on new issues, private placements, derivatives and more.

When we identify an investment with the potential for greater growth, we undertake a process of in-depth research and due diligence into the company.  This process includes:

  • developing and fostering relationships with key company executives
  • a deep dive into valuation of the company's assets
  • projecting the potential growth of business lines
  • touring facilities and areas of operations

Independent Research

John and Michael leverage Haywood's independent research that seeks proven management in young companies that are built around fresh ideas with the potential for rapid growth.  The research is mainly focused on North American markets.

Gold Leaf Management Solutions
· Managed Equity Solutions
A portfolio of securities held directly by you and professionally managed by reputable money managers who might otherwise be accessible only to institutional investors.

· Managed ETF Solutions
Our ETF Solutions seek to produce attractive, stable income and superior risk adjusted returns over a complete market cycle.