Jennifer Taylor

Jennifer Taylor

About Me

Since 1983 I have worked for both national and international firms and have successfully steered clients through a number of market cycles. I have learned from a young age how economic cycles can affect life in general. Both my parents worked in the investment industry (my father was the first commodity broker in Calgary). I am an artist, as well as a mother of a wonderful teenage daughter.

My Methodology

As an Investment Advisor, I take a macro economic perspective when evaluating market trends. My objective is to identify economic cycles and apply this view to the selection of investments in sectors that I believe will present a growth opportunity while mitigating risk. I then strive to identify what is relevant and translate this perspective to my clients' investments by researching and selecting specific ideas in equities, bonds, private companies and flow through possibilities. Simply, I select investments that I believe will ultimately increase in value. As well, I like clients to be paid to hold a position, so I am partial to income generating investments. I utilize technical, fundamental and historical analysis when making decisions.

About You

My clients and their extended families have grown their assets and are looking to increase and/or preserve their wealth. They require help in diversifying their portfolios and direction in making wise investment choices that best fit their risk objectives.