Our Consistent and Continuing Investment Process

When your financial situation is complex and the questions you need answers to are even more so, you need a straight-talking advisor who can provide you with financial strategies in a timely fashion.  With decades of experience, we provide the insight to identify the financial solutions that work for you within your time frame, and which consider the resources you have.

With insight, we work together to clarify the issues that are important to you, the lifestyle that you want to lead, and the critical financial events you need to plan for.

Not only do we provide insight and clarity, we work with our clients as partners. Our clients are business owners, pre-retirement executives, retirees and incorporated professionals. If your wealth takes you across the US border, we provide privileged access to tax and estate specialists to help you address complicated wealth situations with cross border solutions. Our clients have very high expectations and unique situations and are entitled to the customized solutions that we provide. Many want a WORK-OPTIONAL LIFESTYLE and have specific bucket-list items they want to accomplish.

Brent has developed and refined a process to address and unify his clients’ needs.  It’s a consistent and continuous investment process.  It focuses on where you are now, where you want to arrive, and uses 4 steps to work with your Critical Life Events.


Understanding your financial goals.  What’s important to you and what you want to accomplish. We gather pertinent information for the retirement planning process, and open a dialogue with your accountant and lawyer where required


Develop a personal retirement plan and from that create an Investment policy statement which reflects your goals in a formal document.

Create a draft of your personalized portfolio using a disciplined and long-term portfolio management approach.


Finalize your personal portfolio and create an implementation strategy.


We monitor your portfolio on a timely basis and meet with you quarterly to help you stay on track.

Make necessary changes and monitor the plan and strategies accordingly.

Accountability is paramount, and execution is vital to the success of the plan.